Fencing, Decking & Pergolas

Fencing, Decking & Pergolas add a dramatic impression to your garden. If your fence is rotten and falling down it can have a massive impact on the look of your garden as well as the safety by replacing or repairing it. BGC Landscapes can source panels to match your exsiting fence or completely replace your fencing to a style that matches your garden. Our Suppliers have every type of fencing, from low level panels to elaborate trellis fencing.

Our Decking is hand built and adds a separate outdoor dining area or just a contrast in your garden to create interest.

Pergolas are custom made to create a feature area for relaxing or dining which can be made to look even more stunning when you have climbing plants creaping up them.

A few examples of our work is below. Have a look at our Portfolio  for more examples of Decks and Pergolas that we have built.